Buggy Games

Airlock (picture rolls)
Alpha Beam with Ernie (requires Kid’s Controller)
Astroblast (slight graphics problem)
BASIC Programming (requires Keyboard Controller)
Bermuda Triangle (ghosted player object on right side)
Berzerk (doesn’t run on some versions)
Berzerk VE (no voice)
Blue-Print (doesn’t run)
Boxing (doesn’t run)
Brain Games (requires Keyboard Controller)
Checkers (Activision) (doesn’t run)
Codebreaker (requires Keyboard Controller)
Conquest of Mars (severe issues)
Cookie Monster Munch (requires Kid’s Controller)
Cosmic Ark (problem with starfield)
Cracked (title screen is a little garbled – crashes when you start game)
Crazy Climber (dotted lines on all the lower the window sills)
Crystal Castles (some gems never disappear allowing you to rack up thousands of points in seconds)
Cuttle Cart (doesn’t run)
Dark Chambers (doesn’t run)
Decathlon (doesn’t run)
Desert Falcon (ghosting problems)
Dig Dug (garbled graphics)
Elevator Action (crashes when you start game)
Fatal Run (crashes after a few seconds)
Galaxian (extra Galaxians; collision-detection with shots affected)
Gremlins (extra graphics on the bottom of scene 1 and on the top of scene 2)
Grover’s Music Maker (requires Kid’s Controller)
H.E.R.O. (doesn’t run)
Holey Moley (requires Keyboard Controller)
Hunt & Score/Concentration (requires Keyboard Controller)
Journey Escape (problem with starfield)
Jr. Pac-Man (dots don’t disappear when eaten)
Jungle Hunt (every time you jump on the cannibal scene, the scene resets, but the timer keeps running)
Klax (locks up on title screen)
Kool-Aid Man (player constantly bounces)
MagiCard (requires Keyboard Controller)
Mario Bros. (screen shakes every time you move)
Millipede (flickering/extra graphics; game keeps resetting)
Mogul Maniac (color bars on left side)
Monstercise (requires Keyboard Controller)
Off The Wall (locks up)
Omega Race (doesn’t run)
Oscar’s Trash Race (requires Kid’s Controller)
Peek-A-Boo (requires Keyboard Controller)
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns (doesn’t run)
Plaque Attack (ghosted player object on left side)
Quadrun (no voice)
Radar Lock (locks up)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (graphics glitch on base of pedestal, Entrance room blast hole, and maproom)
Rampage (has small red lines in the lower-right corner, and above cars)
RealSports Baseball (a dot appears in the upper-left corner, and smaller dots appear on the left side every time a player moves)
RealSports Tennis (extra net graphics appear to the left of the net)
Robot Tank (picture rolls, screen shows “switching to reserve tank”)
Secret Agent (doesn’t run)
Secret Quest (when you start a game, you materialize inside a wall)
Skeleton+ (doesn’t run)
Snoopy & The Red Baron (“holes” in the mountain range graphics)
Snow White (game either has rolling picture, crashes, or garbled graphics – which can be cleared up by hitting reset)
Space Shuttle (picture rolls)
Sprint Master (garbled graphics)
Spy Hunter (garbled graphics)
Star Raiders (requires Video Touch Pad)
Stargate (doesn’t run)
Starpath Supercharger (doesn’t run)
Super Baseball (a dot appears in the upper-left corner, and smaller dots appear on the left side every time a player moves)
Super Football (garbled graphics – unplayable)
Swoops (doesn’t run)
Swordquest Waterworld (all the rooms are half white/half black in color)
Thrust Platinum (garbled graphics)
Tunnel Runner (picture rolls, no music plays, game locks up)
Tutankham (garbled playfield graphics)
Worm War I (ghosting problems)


BUG: Adventure 2 – the bat may drop objects inside walls.  The bat can also drop a dead dragon on top of you, trapping you inside it.

  • BUG: Adventure 2– some of the colors are too dark in the 1st and 2nd versions (this was fixed in the later versions).
  • BUG: Atari Climber– the ball may be placed in the area where the HMOVE lines would normally be, making it unreachable.
  • BUG: Battlezone– parts of the radar display’s outline don’t show up.
  • BUG: Battlezone– graphics are distorted along the left edge of the screen; however, a real cart doesn’t have this problem.
  • BUG: Caverns of Mars– the 4th level is impossible to finish because there’s no ending to the cavern, and no bomb.
  • BUG: Caverns of Mars– you can still continue shooting after you’ve been killed.
  • BUG: Haunted House– the walking sound f/x continually plays.
  • BUG: Missile Command– a line appears above your missile inventory.
  • BUG: Pong– there are two spots where the ball goes through the paddles.
  • BUG: Quadrun– your shots randomly tend to disappear for no reason.
  • BUG: Secret Quest– one or more versions show garbled copyright text.
  • BUG: Yars’ Revenge– when the cannon appears, 2 Qotile appear (image doubles).
  • BUG: Yars’ Revenge– game #6 has some collision-detection problems.
  • BUG: Yars’ Revenge– you can sometimes wrap-around the screen.
  • BUG:The system doesn’t work with keyboard controllers (making any game that uses them unplayable).
  • BUG:If you turn the system on in the paddle menu and try to use the joystick, the game Off the Wall will appear.
  • BUG:The menu lists 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe as “3D Tic Tac Toe”, Adventure II as “Adventure 2”, Combat Two as “Combat 2”, and Dodge ‘Em as “Dodge’m”.
  • BUG:The manual has a number of errors regarding gameplay, controls, and options, such as mentioning Centipede is for 1 or 2 players (it’s only a 1-player game – this was fixed in a later revision), and that Space Duel has game variations with linked ships (aka “Space Station”, which it doesn’t).  There are also several typos in regards to names of games (“Yar’s” instead of Yars’, “Combat 2” instead of Combat Two, “3D” instead of 3-D, etc.).  The excuse given for these was, “The errors in the packed in manual were from the graphic arts/layout company that was used. They couldn’t keep manual revisions straight for some reason (even though they were clearly labeled in the file names) and submitted a mishmash of revisions to the printer.”  Exactly how many manual revisions were needed?
  • BUG:The screenshot on both the box and website for Lunar Lander looks nothing like the actual game and resembles a bunch of Photoshopped nonsense (pictures #6 and #7).