Easter Eggs

This page will cover known easter eggs.

Current known easter eggs:

Turn your FB2 on, if it’s a modded FB2, start it in internal rom mode.

On the joystick, after you turn the system on, move the joystick up 1, down 9, up 7, and then down 2. (This spells out 1972, the year Atari was founded.) Now there will be a new menu titled “Paddle Games”. Under it there are two games: Super Breakout and Warlords. You need an Atari 2600 paddle controller to play these games.
“Test Modes”

Controller test screens can be accessed by holding down the select and reset buttons while pressing the power button to turn on the console. With the color/black-and-white switch set to ‘color’, the joystick test screen will appear; with it set to black-and-white, the paddle test screen will appear. These test screens allow a gamer to test controller inputs as well as the console’s colors and sounds. On the paddle test screen, if joysticks are plugged in as opposed to paddle controllers, the game Off the Wall can be accessed and played by moving right with the left controller.


If you’ve been egg hunting and discovered a new easter egg, please drop me a line and let me know. I will credit you with whatever you submit.


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