The modification kit is now to the point that I’m comfortable selling them. I’m also happy to sell flashback 2’s pre-modded for those not wanting to cut plastic, solder, and use epoxy.

If you have a 3D printer and want to use my parts, feel free to use them. The thingiverse object includes the parts list and links in the details. You are also welcome to use my installation tutorials as a reference. The goal is to make this mod as accessible to as many Atari fans as possible. I’m also interested in feedback, if there is something about the mod that you don’t like, I would like to hear your comments.

Thingiverse Object (Includes everything in the mod kit, as well as links to non 3D printed parts you will need to complete the mod).

You can order a pre-made mod kit below, please note that the kits are built to order right now as there has been a lot of interest, more than I expected! However, I will make contact with you very soon after you place an order. I will also keep you informed of the status of your particular mod. You can also watch the primary 3D printed mod parts being built here:

What’s included in the mod kit:

1 x Hole cutting template.
1 x 3D printed cartridge guide.
1 x Atari cartridge edge connector.
1 x Ribbon cable completely soldered and the pc board ends pre-tinned and cut to length.
1 x Cartridge sensing switch (Soldered but NOT installed into the guide, the installation guide will explain why).

What you need to provide to complete the modification:

A moddable flashback 2. Not all Flashback 2’s can be modded. By my estimate (based on many many flashback 2 purchases from ebay), about 15% of flashback 2’s are Chinese knock offs that were not designed in a way that’s moddable. You can’t easily identify this without opening the shell and looking inside. To see what to look for, please see my board revision site here

If you have a Chinese knock-off, I’m afraid you’re out of luck on that, however not all is lost. There is some possibility that you will make a mistake on your mod, in the cutting of the plastic. The flashback top shell is a direct match for an authentic top shell, if you damage your good one, learn your lesson and mod the Chinese knock off plastic shell.

The online mod tutorial will get into the details of which tools I use and even provide links to buy them if you want to do that. They’re NOT the tools required to do the mod, they’re just the tools I happen to use. You may have better tools already.

If you live in the USA and would like to order a mod pre-assembled, please use the following paypal link. PLEASE include your address in the paypal details, orders are processed in the order received:
Mod kits are currently $35 (shipped).



If you’re interested in a completely pre-modded Atari Flashback 2 with all of the work already done, then please use the following paypal link:
Modded Flashback 2’s are currently $95 (shipped)






Flashback 2 modding tutorial(beta).